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  • Massage oil made from St John’s Wort (Hypericum Peforatum) flowering tops from the French Pyrénées, nourished by pure, clear rivers and clean mountain air, solar infused in grapeseed oil.
    St John’s Wort when used externally soothes burns, including sunburn. It also eases all kinds of nerve related pain; neuralgia, sciatica and local injury. It can also be used for pulls, sprains, muscle damage and bruises, relieving migraine or period pain with gentle massage. 
    Grapeseed oil is a lovely light oil, easily absorbed by the skin and leaving no greasy residue, suitable for all skin types. 
    St John’s Wort can cause photosensitivity. Do not apply before going into the sun. 

    For external use only

    Available here

    Yesterday we had a picnic in a beautiful olive grove, one of our favourite spots! I bought back some olive leaves and today started a tincture with half white rum and half glycerin. I used white rum instead of my usual amber rum as I’m interested to see what colour the menstruum becomes. I also made it a glycerin mix as it is intended for treating my animals. Olive leaf is fantastic for their immune systems, boosting their resistance to both fleas and internal parasites. It also has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties, so will be really useful when they are feeling under the weather.

    I have a new bunny! Can you imagine why no-one wanted him? But he was all alone and now he’s happy and loved, living with our 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, cat and rat.

    His name, appropriately, is Basil :)

    Pure magic.

    The solar infusion of St John’s Wort that was started 3 weeks ago. That’s three weeks of South of France sun doing it’s thing and I now have this powerful, healing huile rouge and such a beautiful colour too. The best thing for easing sunburn, injury with nerve damage like pulls, bruising and sprains, period or dental pains amongst many other things. It will be available soon in amber bottles or as a balm, send me an email if you would like to buy some! 

    …and the calendula just keeps on coming. I can’t pick it fast enough, it’s drying everywhere in my house. I suppose because of the hot weather it has become really resinous, which is great but really difficult to wash off your fingers after picking. 

    Out early before the sun gets too hot, picking walnut leaves, oregano flowers and wild fennel tops.

    Three news teas in the shop. The top one is After Dinner, made with walnut leaf and wild fennel with mint, verbena and calendula from my garden. As well as helping the digestion after a meal it’s also great for gas, bloating and IBS. In the middle is Wild Garden, I’ve replaced the red clover and mint in the original blend to oregano flowers and leaves and nettle. It’s now suitable for everyone and a good tonic. At the bottom is lovely Lullaby, I mentioned earlier

    The plants growing best in the herb plot I made at the beginning of the year are without a doubt calendula, mint and aromatics like rosemary, thyme, lavender, sage and oregano. It takes a year to work out what suits your soil (limestone), climate (Mediterranean-ish) and position (SE), not to mention pests. I have an enormous problem with slugs and snails who have chomped their way through anything delicate. At least now I can form a growing plan for next year!

    Wild Perforated St John’s Wort, ready for covering with grapeseed oil before solar infusing. SJW should be macerated in the sun for 3 weeks before it turns a beautiful rich red colour.

    Fill a jar with the flowering tops and cover with oil. Seal the jar and place in the the sun. After 3 weeks, once the oil is dark red, strain the oil, squeezing out the flowers as much as possible, then filter into a dark glass bottle for storage. It really is the best thing for sunburn and for injuries with associated nerve pain.

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